Q: Can I tour Rough Wood Recording Studio? 

A: Absolutely! Call us to set it up. 940-682-8782

We're glad to show you around when we're not recording someone.

We will respect your privacy, and keep folks out while you are recording too.   

Q: How do I book studio time at Rough Wood Recording Studio? 

A: Call 940-682-8782 to set up a time to record. 

Q: Can I bring in my own producer? 

A: Sure. We want you to sound like you. We will have our own engineer work our gear.  

Q: I have my own songs but no musicians. Can you help me? 

A: Yes. We will act as matchmaker and set you up with good local musicians. 

Q: Who has recorded at Rough Wood Recording Studio? 

A: The Original Texas Playboys, Tommy Alsup, Maurice Davis Band, Landon Dodd, Sally Majestic,

Ben Napier, Kolton Moore, Crosseyed Mary, Ryan Wilcox, Stephen Pointer, Chuck Cusimano,

Monty McClinton, South Side Blues Kings, Uncle Bill Roach Band, Jeremy Martin, Shotgun Messenger,

Big River, Brock Stevens, Ken West, Billy Blaze. And so many more.

Don't feel bad if I your name isn't here. Remind me and I'll put you on the list.  

Q: Does Rough Wood do CD duplication and CD Artwork? 

A: No CD duplication, but we have great relationships with companies that do.

And, we have folks who do CD artwork, photography, etc.  

Q: Can I bring in tracks I recorded elsewhere and record vocals or mix in your room? 

A: Sure. It's all "studio time" whether we're loading tracks, setting up, recording, mixing, mastering, practicing, or telling stories. (... and I've heard some great ones.)

At the heart of it all, we want to capture the magic that happens when you play your music. The equipment, the room - everything is in service of that.