Recording Artist Advocate: You'll miss them when they are gone

We have a great music store here in Weatherford. Craig's music has been around since 1978 and may be the biggest independent music store in Texas. They are bigger than most Guitar Center locations. More than their size, it's the history and knowledge they bring.   

So not long ago I had an amp fall over and break off some knobs - just sheared em' right off. So after the session I opened up the amp and de-soldered the pots. Got online and found the part numbers from Fender. 

Now this is where I could have just ordered them and fixed it when the parts arrived, but I went to Craig's instead. They had the original factory parts and even offered an improvement - a better volume pot that comes on more gradually. Definitely better for an amp used in a recording environment. 

The final ticket wasn't much, but I would have gladly paid more for the convenience and expertise. 

If you are lucky enough to have a great little music store in your town, do all you can to support them. You would miss them more than you think.