Recording Artist Advocate: Know what time it is...

At any given time there are ,figuratively speaking, many people with their "End Is Near" signs yelling at the world as it goes by. When everything is fine they are called cooks. When the bad stuff starts happening they are profits. The hardest part has always been knowing whats about to happen. Will you be a cook or a profit?

People look for patterns - in the stars, in demographics, in whats popular.

I say, "Go Deeper. Look at history."

History does keep repeating itself whether you know it are are totally ignorant. It just does. 

I've referenced the book "Pendulum" in the past. Even given links to videos about it. But now I recommend you get it for yourself. Look for "Pendulum - Roy Williams" and get it wherever you can. It's an easy read and deceptively easy to rush through, so you will want to go through it several times.

I'll give you some of the take-aways, but you still need the book:

Societies swing back and forth between two extremes. As we get too close to either side, we need people to say, "slow down! We're going too far!" 

When we start to change direction we need people to say, "Now we're on the right track!"

And when we're in the middle we need people to say, "This is nice, bon't take a good thing too far!" (…even though we will eventually, anyway.)  And then it starts again.

So where are we? Read the book. If you've been paying attention at all you will see it's all been predicted with uncanny accuracy. 

You have a story to tell - a song to sing. Now you can know how it will be received.