Recording Artist Advocate: Life's not fair. But it's still pretty good...

You can do everything right and still not get ahead. So give up.


(No, really long pause)

(Are you still here?)

(Wait just a little longer. They're almost all gone.)

Good. You're the one I wanted to talk to anyway... 

Or you can try again. Learn from that experience and go for it - again. You may change things a little as you learn. Babies don't just start out walking. They fall down a lot. You will to.       You didn't just start playing your instrument well. You sucked at first. You know a lot of people who still do.     

Learn about the most successful people and you will see failure after failure… Then Success!     I'm not saying two failures and then a success. You may fail a lot more than that. You will have little successes along the way too. You're never down till you're in the ground. So keep getting back up. 

Gigging regularly is success in itself. It can pay the bills. But don't get complacent. Keep at it and you can have the life you want. 

Just being the last man standing can get you a level of success. But you can still do more than that.

When you have a good song, well rehearsed and ready to put out there, call me.